You Gotta Be Seen! How To Create Your Social Media Profile

socialediaGuys, there are a few simple Social Media Basics that you need to check out. It may seem like a no-brainer but 2 out of 4 people don’t bother and then wonder why no one is visiting.

It’s Simple….
Every single  online business  must have traffic. A good looking and easy to navigate website won’t help a business succeed if no one is visiting it. You can have the best restaurant with the most amazing food and coolest vibe but if nobody knows where to find are toast!


There are lots of other ways to plug your business, but its more important to deal with web surfers who are just browsing the web for the services or goods that your site has. Most surfers use social media sites thanks to the fact that they give many options that include multimedia features and communication. These features make it easy to share info. Follow these simple tips from your friends at and you’ll be on your way to having a site like that show Cheers. A place to go “Where everybody knows buy fertility drugs without a prescription your name.”  Go get’em Norm!

 Complete your Profile before you beging to post.
All social media sites have control panels. These control panels let users fill in different fields so the visitors get a greater understanding about who they are working with. On these sites you need to fill the fields out honestly. The fields include personal information, personal interests, and different websites. With an internet site field you can add  your website and details about it. The details can then be changed into keywords that may increase your online exposure. For every social media website you only have to fill in this information once. After filling in your basic details on a social media website you can focus on revising and updating your profile as time permits.                       

 Go Viral with Video and Audio
Due to the multimedia features on a few of these websites you can load videos and audio content as well as use text and pictures that spice up a profile and increase interest in you and your business. If you are associated with other websites selling their products and services, you can use their resources to add banners, videos and different graphics to your profile. Make sure you add these resources but make it simple because it isn’t straightforward to navigate a cluttered web site.  Video adds another dimension to your personality and who you really are.

Give the viewer a peek into your world. You are not a 2-d picture…you are a real person that understands their issues and needs.

Play Well with Others

Join a  group or online community that is  concerned with social media.
The greatest social media sites have groups created by its users that have hundreds or perhaps thousands of people inside them. Each group is category and theme specific. Simply join a category that fits your market or interests to help increase traffic to it. Don’t try too hard to put your self out there as if you used to be a spammer, because people generally hate spam advertising and it could get your account shut down and you could be the resident jerk-off. 

 ”Oh, hey’s Sammy Spammer….IGNORE..IGNORE..” Get it?
Assuming you followed the directions above you are ready to create a link to your  profile.
Social media not only increases web site traffic, but also increase increases your conversion.  With the use of profile buttons, sharing resources, and widgets offered by the network you allow the visitors to easily interact with you. If these folks are educated and entertained it can help drive up sales.
Social media selling can really increase your webutation or web reputation when your business first starts out and will aslso help you take rank in the search engines.

I know this is a no brainer for many but it is the simple stuff we often overlook.

For, this is Ed wishing you love, happiness and a S%#T load of money.

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