WSPH with The Top 10 Reasons Your Online Marketing Fails-Part 2

Ok guys,

Last week I gave you the first 5 of 10 top reasons your online marketing sucks, I mean fails. Sorry.

Seriously, you need to get real. Nobody is going to drop Mike Filsaime’s email list on your desk, or the secret transcripts of Frank Kern or the luck rabbit foot that John Reese uses to make money. It’s gotta be a lucky rabbit’s foot because I can’t explain how else he has made so much money. Only Kidding.

Click here to see who the winner is……

You’re the winner……becuase losers are poop heads.

Here are the remaining 5.

Reason #6: Unsafe ordering pages.

Everyone cares about online security. Unsecured ordering pages will make you lose sales.

Reason #7: A lack of back links

Providing back links to your website from a high ranking web page will also give your site a high rank. Linking is the key to success in having your website found on the major search engines and will bring traffic to your website. Again, this will increase the potential for buyers.

Reason #8: Giving up easily

Most online businesses fold due to lack of persistence  and yes I’m referring prescription drugs online without prescription to you. Online marketing will take a lot of time to fully succeed. It could even entail years to become a big boy or girl and to develop strong relationships, build partnerships and see the dollars.

Reason #9: Crappy follow-up.

With any business, following up with a  customer is very important. Online marketing often fails because many companies don’t follow up with their online visitors; resulting in loss of clients, business & money.

Reason #10: Being shy & not promoting your blog/site

Increasing the  awareness of your online business can bring you great success, awareness & yes, money. Several online marketing strategies can be used to promote your website, increase traffic and attract more customers. If you do’t have the cash to pay for promotions, you can use many free ways of advertising you online such as participating in forums & chats rooms.

Online marketing is very competitive marketplace, so you need to make use of the online resources. Prepare yourself to get dirty, have long nights, miss out on events & parties in the beginning but also dream about how good it is going to be in the other side.

Learn from the mistakes of others and also learn from their successes.

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