WSPH with PPC Advertising. Not for the Faint of Heart.

PPC is not the easiest thing around when you are new at it, nor is it the sexiest thing when everyone else is Tweeting or making videos but it is a necessary evil.

Evil? Why evil? Well Google is evil so it’s minions must be evil if not slightly devilish, don’t you agree? Anyway…enough babble baby.

PPC, or Pay Per Click Advertising is the number one way to increase the relevant traffic to your website. If you are going to be running a PPC Advertising Campaign there are a few things you should know before jumping into it.




Have you been wondering how to get your ads to appear on the searched on Google & Yahoo? Google is  the number one search engine providing over eighty percent of all online pay per click advertising. Googles program, Adwords. Yahoo, MSN, and others have their own versions, each of which you can sign up for on their pages by searching for “online pay per click advertising”.

Do you know what keywords to use? Once you have signed up for a PPC Provider, let’s say you are using Google, for arguments sake, you now need to start setting up which keywords you want your ads to appear for. This is really not that easy so please take notes.  You can always put all of the keywords in that you can think of, but remember  quantity is not quality. You need to do big time research on each keyword to find out:

1) How much the keyword is searched for
2) How often that keywords is used in an exact match
3) Where the keywords are searched, geographically.
4) What people do once they click a link to the keyword

After researching your keywords you need to concentrate on writing your ads. This is the most important part of your campaign. You want your ads to stand out from the rest without blending in. Remember, that your ads MUST be relevant to what you are trying to sell or you will be paying for clicks from people who don’t need your product or services. So, be careful when using too many irrelevant keywords.

Running the Campaign. Running a successful PPC Campaign requires DAILY maintenance. This is the part that most people disregard when attempting to run an advertising campaign. This is what separates the men from the boys. This is where many just give up.

You need to constantly monitor the following:

A) How many times each keyword is searched for
B) How many times someone clicks on each keyword
C) The % of each click per display (CTR, click through rate)
D) How much you are paying for each click
E) What place is your ad coming up? Top of online pharmacy without a prescription first page? Pages 1-3, 4-5?
F) Would you get a better CTR by paying more per click, but using less keywords?

These are just the basics of running a PPC Campaign. There are many more detailed and very time intensive processes in running a  productive and cost efficient PPC Campaign. Can you run one by yourself? Yes. You need to practice & realize that you may make mistakes, but we learn from our mistakes.

What if I want to hire someone to do it? The problem here is that most PPC companies charge anywhere from a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars a month, with setup fees ranging from 1000 to 4000 dollars. Why so much? Well, they are designed to work for large companies with advertising budgets of tens of thousands of dollars a month. If you’re a company with an advertising budget of a couple of hundred dollars a month what should you do? You can research for a company that specializes in smaller scale ventures or  you can always use these tips and try it out for yourself.

At, we recommend that you roll up your sleeves, turn off America’s Got Talent, grab a beer or a cooler of beers, put on some light music, tell everyone to leave the room and rock on baby!

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