WSPH SMO TIP #2: Social Media Optimization. Get Involved or Get Screwed.

The Revolution WILL be televised…and Tweeted about as well.

Guys, Web 2.0 has provided a new meaning to publicizing the sites of your target customers. With the advent of social media optimization tools including blogs, social media platform, social bookmarking sites, there has been a big  increase in website publicity.

It’s time to nut up or shut up. I saw that in Zombie Land and I have been wanting to use it ever since.

Social media optimization services are, to name a few, blog marketing  and online branding. Through this simple publicity, online readers become active members, therefore becoming active  participants antibiotics on your blogs.

Social media generates publicity in subtle manner. It is  kind of like word of mouth publicity on a very large scale. A  person who gets information about something happening on the website shares it with friends and community. This way the website gets publicized automatically without making much effort. Similarly the person visiting the website gets registered with website forming a database of effective future customers. These visitors are informed of various sales, specials and promotions from time to time for promotional publicity. This type of information is shared by all the friends who might get interested in these promotional campaigns.

In-page and Off-page optimization is quite popular with social media optimization as well. On-page social media optimization includes activities like optimizing content, titles, and code to access and distribute easily. Off-page SMO activities are building mashup and incoming links to popularize the website hosting social media optimization.

Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Digg,, Facebook, are some of the social networking sites which are indirectly promoting the website to make it popular amongst its audience and customers. The success of a website is directed towards the introduction of site amongst the number of friends and communities it is being introduced to. Social media optimization is one of the most successful means of publicity. It creates customers through genuine publicity and greater confidence. As one of the most preferred marketing medium for Internet marketing social media is spreading like a friggin virus.

If you have a company, website, blog, paper route……you need to get involved in the social media revolution my friends.

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