WSPH Link Building Strategies to Get More Visitors

You never hear anyone complaining that they have too many visitors to their blog, right?

 If you do you are hanging out with idiots.

Ok, link building is a little dry. It’s like that kid in high school who you saw carrying around the worn out copy of George Orwell’s, Animal Farm for months on end. I heard it was a great book but who had the time to read that crap? Ok, I caved in because some cute chick I liked that I met at the Depeche Mode concert was trying to talk to me about it. Not the best reason to read a classic but I did it any way. Damn, I learned a lot, think back to what it meant & use it currently in my thinking.

What does this have to do with link building?

Just because something seems boring, dry  and you think you wont’ get anything out of it, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be looked into.

If you want your site to rank well in the search engines you need an effective link building strategy. The search engines like to see links pointing back to your site, the more links they see, the more important they think your site is and the higher your site will rank. But you don’t want just any old links. The best kinds of back links are links with relevant keywords. The math is simple!
Link building needs to be an ongoing part of your search engine optimization strategy, the more back links you have the better. But don’t rush and suddenly get thousands of links pointing to your site, you need to grow your back links naturally. If you buy your links in mass, believe me, Google will notice.
It seems more natural to get a few back links every day than to suddenly get thousands of back links overnight. The search engines watch for unnatural patterns, and if they think you are trying to manipulate them, they will drop your site from the search results, and that sucks!

Resist the temptation to buy thousands of links, exploding your link popularity overnight will get your site penalized.
How do I get back links to my site? Good Question Sparky!
There are many ways to get those delicious back links.
Swapping Link Swapping you dirty bird. Develop relationships with other website owners and swap links from related sites.
Get Involved in Forums Get involved in forums related to your niche and include a link to your site as part of your signature file.
Create Create Squidoo lenses or HubPages with a link back to your site. Add your blog feed to your Squidoo lens or HubPage.
Write it Out! Write articles for article directories and include a link back to Ampicillin Online your site in the bio box or author’s resource box.
Be a Book Worm Use Social Bookmarking services to bookmark your pages and tempt  your visitors to do the same.
Tweet All About it Use Twitter to send a ‘tweet’ when you post a new article.
Get Social Create profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and the group of others and include links to your site
Linking with Relevant Keywords

Get lots of back links by using relevant keywords.
How you link is important. Create anchor text using keywords for your back links when you can.
Anchor text is a clickable link, it is simply the text used to link to your site. The search engines use this text to help them decide what your page, is about. So, when possible, choose what the anchor text will be and make sure it includes your keywords. This is more simple than you think.
You want to use both your main keywords, and variations of your keywords. Try to vary the text you use to link to your site so that it looks natural. And remember that each page on your site ranks for its own keywords so the keywords you use when you link to a specific page on your site won’t necessarily be the same as when you link to your home page.

You won’t always be able to specify the anchor text, but make sure you take advantage of the times when you are allowed.
When you create Squidoo lenses and HubPages, or create your forum signature you have full control over your anchor text. Create links using variations of the keywords you want the page to rank for.
Link building is just one aspect of search engine optimization, but it’s an important one, so create a link building strategy and keep on building links to the pages on your site. You will see an improvement in your search engine rankings and an increase in the traffic to your site. Building back links may not be the cool thing to do when everyone else is busy doing videos, audio recording and other “fun” stuff but believe me, it is so essential to a great blog.

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