Work Smart with These 10 Internet Marketing Secrets to Be a Market Killer!

It’s Not All About You!

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There is a new kid in town and his name is originality. People don’t want  to be bothered with traditional internet marketing techniques such as banners, pop-ups, and spamming. Instead, your subscribers & online consumers are looking for marketers who are relational, relevant, and not full of shit. They want you to listen to what they have to say and to take an interest in the things that are important to them.

Here are 10 secrets to help you market your ass off to a new generation of on liners.

1. Blogging: The new generation of online consumer wants to know who he’s dealing with. While internet marketers used to stress the importance of being anonymous, smart marketers now know that the best way to attract consumers is to become a real person. Allow your personality & the personality of your company to shine through on your blog and relate to consumers in a  personal way. As blogs and social sites become more and more popular, consumers will continue look to business blogging as a way to figure out where they will spend their time and money. Play your cards right & they could be spending it on your site.

2. Video Marketing: With YouTube’s crazy popularity, more and more people are using video to capitalize on the potential of online marketing. Video marketing also has huge benefits for affiliate marketing as it shows us as a real person, thus for creating more value.

3. Uber Site: Many won’t invest time and energy in a company with a crappy website. Make sure it’s comfortable, easy to navigate and easy to read. Simpler is almost usually better but don’t make it boring. Have others critique it.  Most  importantly, make sure it’s easy for search engines to find.

4. Create a Content Strategy : Schedule a plan to regularly add to the the content on your website. Consumers want to know that you are insightful and motivated enough to consistently post new items. Again, if they are bored they will leave. Also, make sure the new stuff is optimized for the search engines.

5. Create a Strategy for Social Media Marketing: As part of your overall marketing strategy, be sure to include marketing for social media. The new generation of web consumer is interested in relationships, relevance & fun.

6. Have a Competitive Email Marketing Strategy: Use email marketing and targeted communications to increase your customer base and grow your client base. Your marketing success will be based largely on whether or not you can provide your customers with targeted, relevant information.

7. Going Mobile :  Mobile Media Marketing baby. Make sure that your website is compatible with mobile devices. This is one of the fastest-growing ways to give the consumer a new and groovy marketing experiences.

8. Widget Marketing: Widgets are applets that are found in HTML code. They are codes embeded into websites.They create miniature replicas of content that are outside of the primary website.  Widgets are becoming one of the top marketing strategies for businesses that choose to advertise online because if you can get others to showcase your widget, you’re golden boy.

9. Article Marketing: Experts claim that article marketing is the one of most effective ways to get the word out about  your website and will increase back links to your content. Publish the article on your own website first,  include a bookmark button for social bookmarking, then submit your article to content article directories and RSS feeds.

10. Paid Traffic: PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is essentially search engine advertising. It lets  allows you to  pay for visitors who click on your search engine advertisements. You simply bid for keywords related to your product, in turn  leveraging search engine traffic. This is very helpful for that are not highly-ranked on search engines.

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