Work Smart Play Hard with Great Link Development by Using Free Directories.

When it comes to building incoming links for your website or blog, there are many effective techniques that you should consider. My personal favorites are article submission, exchanging links with others, and commenting in forums and in blogs, related to what message I am trying to get out. One of the most important elements of this development is the link development. Doing this properly  can really increase your exposure and link popularity. Such activity increases link popularity of an online resource and results in improvement of search engine rankings. Keep in mind that when you submit your links to directory submission sites there is a right and  wrong way of going about it.

There are three main types of directory submissions. One way, reciprocal link exchanges and paid submissions.  If you are using paid submissions you usually give your web person a featured link that is usually placed on the home page of a website. Some of these directories require an annual payment, while others prefer to take a one time only fee. Depending on the popularity of this directory submission , the rate can run you anywhere from  $1 to $25 per a year. Paid directory submissions do have some great advantages – The link approval is fast and guaranteed and doesn’t require a reciprocal link in return. If you go with free directory submissions, it will take a while for links to be approved by site moderators, but indeed try the free way first.  Free links give you high amounts of website traffic and will increase your search engine visibility.

Free directory submissions is generally the easiest way to get an incoming link for any website.  As a general rule of thumb, Website/Blog descriptions for submissions to free web link directories has to be anywhere Cheap Cialis Online Without Prescription from 150-250 characters long.

Where Do I Find These Free Web Directories?

Don’t waste your time with searching via Google as you are going to get many advertisers shouting off about their own sites, unobjectively. I personally recommend you check out a few webmaster forums. There you can possibly find lists of directories that you can work with right away.

The few that I suggest are as follows:


Using  special submission software the process of directory submission is quite easy but a thoughtless, automatic submission to a bunch of link directories could have a negative impact on your website rankings, and that would just suck. If you are going to go the automatic delivery route then we would suggest that you choose software that will  only fill out all the required fields of the submission forms with only the necessary information, but the process itself will still be manual.

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