When it Rains it Pours…Productivity.

As I went to bed last night I couldn’t wait to wake up & and take my dog and creative consultant, Benson, to the beach. As I awoke to the crash of thunder I knew that online prescription it wouldn’t be that blue bird singin’, sail boat watching, drinking coffee on the beach before church kinda Sunday morning. It was rainy, dark and depressing.

Did I complain? Yes when I was told by a rent a cop that I couldn’t walk my well manored pup on the beach so I went home and did what I do best. I sat infront of my laptop waiting for the coffee to kick in but it didn’t until the next clash of lightning.

Statistically, online activity increases during inclemet weather. Granted many people are just Googling their ex: girlfriend’s or playing Mafia Wars but a few of us are taking advantage of the crappy weather by working.

Someone said when the web is slow during bad weather , most of the time, it’s due to water getting into corroded cable joints  but I still think it’s because people are bored.

When it rains I’m not really tempted to leave the house and I’m less likely to get sidetracked so essentially I am trapped inside. Not a bad thing as I am forced to either watch Murray Povich read multiple paternity results and shout, “You ARE the baby daddy!” or actually not let my brain turn to puddin’ and get to work.

Yes, I like the rain. The rain is inspirational. It makes me reach out further, creatively, and inspires me to get projects done faster so I can enjoy time outside when the sun does show up.

So the next time you hear thunder…welcome the rain and get ready to get some work done.

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