Want to Be Successful? Don’t Follow the Leader.

It’s simple. Be different and don’t do what everyone else is doing.

Look where others are not looking. Get into niches that are not saturated.

To be successful in internet marketing kind of has the same guideline as being successful in any other business.

Think outside the box…..don’t follow the leader….trust your gut and take a chance.

Stop following and promoting the big trends, the huge deals and the most popular items. If you promote the hottest products that the big gurus are promoting, with their 800,000 person list, chances are that you are going to be overshadowed. He is promoting this to his list…his jv partners and their lists…so there are potentially hundreds of thousands of people promoting the same product.

Sure, you may get lucky and get a few crumbs but lets not start there.

If you are promoting a Clickbank product many people look at the “gravity.”  This is the program’s popularity.

You know better than this don’t you? Work with your passion. Yes….promote what you like.

I happen to love gourmet foods like aged cheeses, caviar and stuff like that. Don’t get me wrong..I love french fries, pizza and mozzarella sticks but i like to expand my culinary tastebuds so I created www.Gourmetopia.com.

I feel that is it the best online venue to purchase hard to find gourmet items from a bone caviar cheap drugs no prescription spoon to a perfectly aged cheese that will knock your socks off.

This being said, if you go to Clickbank.com and search for foods…the gravity is usually piss but that means nothing, zilch, squat. Gourmetopia.com is very successful and I have put my heart into it and it is paying off.

The take away….sell what you love and you will reap the rewards.


Chow Bella!

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