Twitter Marketing Mistakes: Avoid These at All Costs!


 Many internet marketers join Twitter for the purpose of promoting their products, for building their mailing lists, for keeping in touch with their customers or prospects, etc. Nothing wrong so far . . . However, if you don’t take care HOW you use Twitter, you may just waste your time or even worse . . . you can even damage your reputation.

You don’t want this to happen, do you? Then . . . take care and avoid these mistakes . . .

 MARKETING MISTAKE #1  Letting your followers know EVERY LITTLE thing you do.

Example:  “Just saw the neighbors dog pee on my tree”. Decide what you are. Are you a marketer or not? Do you really think that anyone cares that your neighbors dog emptied his bladder on your Frasier Fur?

If at a certain moment in time you have nothing important to say or you cannot help anyone, then . . . don’t say anything. Sometimes silence is better. If you want to show a human, friendly face drugs no prescription instead of a corporate one, that’s a good approach, no problem. But . . . Do it not by telling your followers when you notice your dog taking a piss but by trying to help them when they need and by offering them free tips & resources.

MARKETING MISTAKE # 2 Setting up automatic direct messages that are sent to ALL your followers but contain a message that is targetted to a very narrow niche that excludes many of your potential followers.

 Here is one of the funniest DM I received: ‘Stop the excuses dude! You need to get real with yourself and live the life I do and you can do that with this BlahBlah for Newbies. Just pay $15.oo or s&h.  Well, if you bother to read my short Twitter bio, then you find out within seconds that I’m an internet marketer with numerous sites, years of experience, etc, not a newbie at all.  I understand th eidea of marketing to the masses but tone it down a bit..”Bro”.

MARKETING MISTAKE # 3 Not responding to direct messages or replies that require an answer from you. When you do this . . . it’s like saying, “I don’t care what you say or what you need, I only want you to signup for my mailing list and buy my products”. If this is how you understand that a prospect has to be treated, you better try something else other than internet marketing.

MARKETING MISTAKE # 4 Don’t understanding that your tweet is actually a headline. If your tweet is “Check this out: . . . (link)”, you have just wasted your time by writing that tweet. Any marketer should remember what David Ogilvy said: “When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

Marketing Mistake #5  Don’t Be a Spammer

Spam is actually defined as unsolicited bulk advertisements. To prevent your Tweets from sounding spammy, don’t send out Tweets like it’s the end of the world and you need to get your message out. For example, five Tweets a week that direct readers to your blog is not considered spam, but five hundred messages are.

Marketing Mistake #6 Not Taking Advantage of All that Twitter Has to Offer

This is by far the biggest mistake an internet marketer can do. If you have a Twitter account, make sure you are using it for business, not just personal use. If you are using it for personal use..good. Let them know that you are real but cut the crap oout. Not realizing Twitter’s potential can cost you followers, clients and money.

Most importantly, rely on Twitter’s tools. You can find contacts by searching by email address, name, and location. Perform a search on, find contacts emails and look for those that need what you have.

Example, do you sell gourmet food products online? If so, reply and follow those with Tweets concerning the gourmet food and restauranteurs. You can easily advertise your product or website through @replies.

Marketing Mistake #7 Self Promoting Jackass

Please remember,  Twitter is a social platform not a sales platform so please don’t whore yourself.

Promotional tweets are fine just don’t over do it.


 Wishing you success, love and a truck full of crisp hundos.

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