Twitter Founder Evan Williams Flying the Coop?

That’s right, Twitter’s CEO, Evan Williams is stepping down and handing over the reins to Dick Costolo, the present COO. Williams is going to focus on more of the product strategy of Twitter.  You know, creating marketing plans based on the characteristics to the target marget. So I guess he is going to be spending time at the mall and bars and tweeting about his hook ups with sorority girls, how bad the Yankees are, why MySpace sucks, Why Facebook sucks more  and why is the coolest blog to find out this stuff……

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This is quite indicitive that Twitter is ready to start it’s focus on generating some serious cash flow.

Not to worry, Twitter is in good hands……or good wings with Costello.  He has headed up three big time companies, including FeedBurner, a news feed service that the Big G, Google, bought in 2007,  then after he left  Google,  he moved to Twitter in  2009, where he focused on the company’s advertising services and licensing deals with companies like Google and Yahoo, so I think he knows what he is doing.

Twitter is this cool site we love to fudge around with to explore our personal vouyeristic desires but it’s really much more than that and hopefully that is what the new Twitter will be.

So right now, in October 2010,

Twitter now has about 160 million registered users, and 90 million tweets are posted per day, where the hell does the company make money currently?

We soon shall see, we soon shall see.

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