Twitter 101: Why is Twitter Called a Threat to Google?

Talk about someone who work’s smart……
Laura Fitton Headlines Google Tech Talk in ‘09. She talks online pharmacy without prescription about how Twitter is a Google Killer, and how it is a an out of control flood of updates about what people you don’t care about do every day. How can something that looks like nonsensical crap from the outside be so compelling from the inside? Laura Fitton will explain how tweeting on Twitter’s simple interface can make the web feel comforting & human & can give you real-time information on what customers think of you.

Using technical examples,  she shows us how  Twitter has enabled large companies to gain sales and reduce support costs & how the famous people like Oprah & Ashton Kushcer have used it to show the world who they really are.

Laura Pistachio Fitton Founder, Pistachio Consulting  is an advocate for productive business uses of Twitter.

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