Twitter 101: What’s so Great About Twitter?

Ok guys,  This blogging series is dedicated to Twitter. Love it or hate it, Twitter is here and it doesn’t look as if it’s going anywhere in the near future.

Twitter’s famous tag line

“What are you doing?” If Twitter originated from NY the tag line would be, “What the F$*K Are Ya Looking At?

This is the question that Twitter asks you when going to the site. What are you doing? It’s so simple but evidently simply genius. With this being said, or asked, what’s so great about Twitter?

First, you need to know what the site is. Basically, it is a social network and micro-blogging service. If you are familiar with FaceBook, MySpace then you’ll have no problems with Twitter.

As a social network, it aims to gather groups of people who have the same interests. As a micro-blogging service, it provides short updates on the users blogs, or even just his activities.

Twitter is all about the “tweets”, or updates. Updates are the answers to the ultimate Twitter question: “What are you doing?” What’s great about Twitter is that is only requires you 140 characters to answer this question. So many people see this length of characters is seen as a limitation. On the other hand, it challenges you to say things using fewer words. After all, less is always more! Again, simply genius.

So again, what’s so great about Twitter? What makes it different from other social networking sites?

Simple: The Terms

The terms that Twitter uses are unique and interesting enough to differentiate the site from other social networks, like “tweet”, for example. Below is a list of Twitter terms that you need to be familiar with:

1.Follower – Those who have chosen to receive your tweets. Simply put, these are your friends who want to be updated about your life.

2.Following – Those whom you want to be updated about. For instance, if you are following Anna, you will receive Anna’s tweets regularly. Following Anna essentially shows that you want to know what Anna is up to as of the moment.

3.Nudge – This is a friendly reminder to your group of followers urging them to give out updates. Nudge or be nudged.

The Orders

The orders used in Twitter are plain and simple, there really are no steps  follow. If you want to tweet, you simply have to write your message in the small box & send it.

The registration process? Easy as pie. You don’t need to enter much personal information. You just have to have  a username (and Twitter checks out the availability of that chosen name right then and there), a password, an email address. The only real option is adding a URL to your site or blog, if you have one. The registration process takes about 2 minutes.

Ways to Get Tweets

With Twitter, you have more than one way of sending your updates or tweets.  So how can you post your 140-character updates?

1. Sign in to your account at – This is the most widely-used method of tweeting. The home page is easy and  friendly. You just randomly type in your thoughts. People like to see that you are human so feel free to type in how you feel, like “I’m tired”, but beware, people may get bored it you just type in boring tweets yourself.

2. Tweet via your cell phone. – Before you can use this feature, you need to verify your number first. It can be done in a few simple steps.

You initially need to check if your area or country of residence supports this type of service. Buy Ampicillin Online Surely, those living in the US and Canada should have no issues with this at all.

3. Through your smart phone. – You simply have to create an account to do this.

So, what’s so great about Twitter?  That’s for you to decide. You can use it because you are bored, you can use it for business, but whatever way you use it, go at it full force.

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