Twitter 101: Use Twitter to Get Targeted Customers!

Are Twitter Directories Relevant?  


There are so many tools that sprung up to help you maximize your Twitter account for socializing and marketing. There is MrTwitter, TweetLater, TwitScoop and of course, the Twitter directories.

You know what Twitter is so I’m not gonna explain it again to you.

Now, it is nothing new that Twitter is not only useful to connect with friends & family, it has also been acknowledged as a tool to help marketers up their website traffic and meet other potential clients.

Given that Twitter can help you in your marketing strategy, there are other tools that can help you maximize the use of your Twitter. One of these tools is the Twitter directory. These directories are used so that you can find potential followers that can be beneficial to your business, people who might be interested in the type of goods or services that you offer.

An example of a Twitter directory is Twellow. It is like the Yellow pages of Twitter as it lists all of the Twitter users in categories that will help you know which ones will be interested in your goods or services.

 How does one use Twellow?

 This site is actually very easy to use. All you have to do is go to  Now, say you have a website that deals with TV shows episodes, to see all the Twitter users who are interested in this category, click the link under Entertainment, which is Television.  In less than a second, you will get a whole list of people interested in this category. In using twitter directories to find relevant followers, you save a lot of time, instead of having to go add everyone else you can find in your immediate network.

 This list in itself is very useful because you get to have a pool of potential buyers right then and there as they are interested on the same thing that you are marketing. But how do you get these people in the relevant list to actually follow your Twitter and view your advertisements?

 The cheap pills online most effective strategy is to follow them first. Most Twitters check who are following them. So this is the first way that you can make direct contact with your potential client. Once you follow their tweets, they will see you on their ”followers” page and more often than not they will end up checking your profile.

Thus, this calls for a profile that will entice the viewer to follow you too. Do not make the profile very pushy salesman-like as this will end up disgusting your potential clients away. A warm and informative Twitter profile will cause more Twitter users to follow than a cold statistics ridden Twitter profile.

Bottom line is, using a Twitter directory is a more efficient way of finding potential consumers in the wide, wide cyber space.


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