Twitter 101: 7 List Building Steps with Twitter.

List building is the hardest part for so many when it comes to Internet Marketing but with these simple steps you should be able to Tweet your way to a bigger list in no time.

So many kinds of applications have been developed for Twitter, and I’ve discovered that people either love to tweet  or are completely against it. I admit that seeing all the tweets amongst those I follow can make you coo coo for cocoa puffs, but I am having success in getting to know my fellow Twitter friends and in getting the word out about my business to grow my list.

As I started tweeting daily, I wondered if I was missing something in my online social media business marketing strategy. After a few beers I started to really think about the DM strategy. Sending a direct message. A private message directly to your Twitter follower via email that can’t be seen by other. You can  thank them for following you and also include a brief introduction to your business or blog. The results followed quite quickly.

Here are some steps to maximize your  use of Twitter to grow your email list:

1. Create a Twitter account. Your Twitter ID can be your given name, or you may want to use your Twitter ID to brand yourself, i.e. Worksmartplayhard. Just get the basics set up at this point. In the setup, check both options of “Email when someone starts following me” as well as “Email when I receive a new direct message.”

2. Have a freebie to give away. You may want to create a unique electronic giveaway just for your Twitter followers, or you can use the same giveaway that you already use on your site. Once you’ve decided what to give away, create a squeeze page and insert sales copy and an opt-in form so that you can direct your Twitter followers to this page for them to join your list and receive your free giveaway. For tracking purposes, you may want to set up a unique page to see just how many subscribers join your list from this invitation.

3. Twitter bio: You have 160 characters to describe your business as a part of your Twitter bio. Describe yourself and your call to action. Here’s a sample: “Internet Marketing Madman with Focus on Niche Development & Social Media Marketing. Follow me for free ebook to learn how to kick ass online”

4. Set up account and welcome message: The aspect of this service that you’ll be using is the ability to send an automatic message to new followers, which you should turn on as a part of setting up your account. Viagra Online You can choose a public or direct (private) message. Choose to send the private message. Learn how to kick ass online @ .” I have also turned on the ability to automatically follow new followers.

6. Twitter email address. When you create your Twitter account, use an email address that is attached to an account or software that will enable you to forward all new follower notifications that you get from Twitter. My email software doesn’t offer that forwarding capability, so I changed my Twitter email address to my Gmail address, and used the filter capability to create a Twitter label and to forward all of my follower notifications to my account.

As a part of the account setup, socialoomph  gives you the email address to which you forward those notifications as well as instructions on setting up your rules for your email forwarding. What happens when this is set up correctly is that anytime anyone decides to follow you in Twitter, they automatically get your direct email message to join your list without you having to do anything.

If needed, be sure and update your email address in your socialoomph  account. You can also forward these messages manually to your Social Oomph email address and achieve the same purpose. In order for this to work, the email address in your Social Oomph account must match the email address in your Twitter account.

7. Test your setup. To ensure that this setup was working for me, I set up a “fake” Twitter account just for testing, using one of my free account email addresses. In my “fake” account, I found my “real” Twitter profile and clicked “Follow”. Within minutes I got an email message that my “fake” account is following my “real” account, and then at my “fake” account email address, I received my Social Oomph direct mail message about getting my free ebook, and a second email that my “real” account is following my “fake” account.

Twitter is a wonderful tool to help you add your Twitter followers to your list, which is one way you can create deeper relationships with your target market to help them get to know, like, and trust you. Start Twittering today and begin to experience amazing list growth!

Remember to always work smart and Play Hard.

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