Things that My 75 Year Old Mom Can Teach You.

It was recently my mom’s 75th birthday and the wisdom that one can learn in 75 years on this planet is amazing.  She’s not too technologically savy. She calls the Blackberry a blueberry, calls Twitter, The Tweeter & still will forget more about life & business than most people will ever know.

She would be a pretty good internet marketer. She is believable, honest, real  & a great teacher. Her wisdom may be simple but it’s priceless.

Mom’s Top 20 Tips to a Successful Business & Personal Life

1) When you say, Thank God, mean it.

2) Keep your promise. Always.

3) Don’t shake hands like a dead fish.

4) Always tell the truth.

5) Be afraid to lie.

6) Don’t spend it all in one place.

7) Share the wealth. Monetarily & Emotionally.

8) Compliment often, but not when it’s not necessary.

9) Don’t kiss ass. Nobody likes a kiss ass.

10) Never be someone you’re not.

11) Be aware of karma. What comes around always goes around.

12) Pay attention to the details.

13) buy antibiotics online no prescription Be genuine. People can tell when you’re not genuine.

14) Think differently than others.

15) Don’t be afraid to be silly & stay young.

16) Success is not measured by the size of your wallet.

17) Say what you mean & mean what you say.

18) As long as you can’t see it, it is not going to happen.

19) Never give a cop the finger.

20) Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

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