The Domain Game Part 1-Your Name is Your Identity.

So, you are finally ready to get  a website. Oh yeah, it’s gonna be so kick ass…so wicked awesome but one thing is missing…A GREAT DOMAIN NAME. http
You can have the best product in the world but if you are not careful and research what you want to have as your domain name you could be S.O.L.  $hiT Out of Luck.  So you know, youe domain name is your online corporate identity that showcases your business presence on the  internet and you need to know that by choosing this name, the business world will recognize you. Every business  transaction will be conducted and associated with this domain name.


“So Ed all mighty, what is the most important step?”

The most important step would be to register a domain name once you have decided to promote your business on internet. This is the no-brainer step that needs to be done sometimes even before the actual business plan is a twinkle in your eye.

Pay Attention Class! The domain name should be short, memorable and very simple  to recall. This is the main customer appeal since easy to recall domain name will attract the most traffic to your website. Thousands  of domain names are sold each and every day so CHOP CHOP  and register that  domain name for your business website as soon as possible.

Follow the following 5 steps in choosing a great domain name and you should they say..All Good!

(1) Think about your product or business. If you are promoting yourself you may want to register your own name as well as a name that you feel the public would relate to you. For example: If you have a Boston Red Sox website and you are bald you might want to be creative and think or something like this. You get the idea. Speaking of Boston, there is a great website called You could tell they love baseball, Boston and are passionate about Fenway Park, where the Red Sox play. This is a creative one & easy to remeber.

(2) Dot Com. Dot coms are the most desirable…period, the end. Everything else is the red headed step child. (No offense if you are a Ginger Kid). If dot com is not available try dot net but still, the dot net doesn’t have the “Je ne sais quois” or baam factor that a dot com has. As for the dot org, edu, etc…the dot buy prescription drugs on line org is usually set for non-for-profit groups and dot edu, well ah dah, education type sites. www.Harvard.eud, etc. If you are looking for  a domain for a personal site or business stick with a dot com.

(3) Long or Short Domain Names? Again, the easier to remeber, the better. Eventhough a domain can be up to 67 characters…don’t do it. The rule of thumb is to try not to do anything more that 12 but if you have to you have to. I did say shorter names are better but if I were to tell you my website was  instead of you most likely would not remember it.

(4) To Hyphenate or Not to Hyphenate! ”Ed, I someone already registered but ..are you ready for this…I a so excited…I just bought…” PA LEASE! Some say that the Google bots pick up these words better..not sure, I really don’t buy it. Perhaps one hypen, if necessary but try to stay away.

Reasons Why I Don’t Hyphenate:

(A) They are a pain in the ass to remeber. (B) It’s Easy to Forget the Hyphens. (C) Doesn’t Look Professional.

(5) Think Before You Act.  Make sure that the domain is available before you start telling people what your website is going to be and begin printing up shirts, bags and flyers. Just because you want it doesn’t mean that it is available.

Ok Sparky, with these todbits you should be a little better off than you were before.


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