The Accidental Billionaires: Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and main influence in The Accidental Billionaires.

This book, or book on cd as I had the pleasure to listen to it, recreates the amazing story of the rise of the world’s biggest social network as well as the world’s youngest billionaire, yes billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg.  The author, Ben Mezrich, tells a compelling account of vast amounts of cash and the tale of two friends who revolutionized the way humans interact with one another.

Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin were two nerdy Harvard undergrads who wanted so hard to be cool and get laid. Eduardo tried to gain acceptance into one of the school’s underground secret clubs and Mark used his online computer hacking  skills to get into Harvard’s computers, pulling up all the pictures of every girl on campus to create a sort replica of a hot or not site specific to Harvard. From this Facebook was born.

Sex, drinking, intrigue, drama and the constant longing for acceptance and of course the possibility of buying medicine online getting laid paints the ground work for this story.

You may think you know about  Facebook  but  believe me, you don’t know what really happened.

Check it out here at a huge discount! Awesome story.

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