Social Media Marketing 101- Vocabaulary Must Haves.

Social media is about interaction. At, we love to interact with others, otherwise we would just be laptop loving idiots writing to feed our own ego and other selfish needs.

Here are those magic words, so grab a pad and write these down.


1) “Recipient’s Name”

Everyone loves having their name mentioned in the email, online or as the focus of attention when it is one on one. I am amazed of how many emails I see where the person sending it out just writes, “Dear Sir” or the best screw up’s occur when they don’t check their auto responders and it says, “Dear first_name-last_name”. Yeah, I really feel warm and fuzzy inside. Statistically, when you are conversing with a person and you mention their name they remember the message much better than when you don’t mention their name and have their attention.

2) “YOU” Do not under estimate the power of NOT focusing on yourself. In Social Media, quite often it is a “Me-Centric” fascination we have but we really should put our attention on “you.”

3) “Planning” Like with everything else, you really need a plan. A pilot doesn’t take off without a route, a map a plan. He doesn’t say, “ah hell, let’s just see what happens.” Social media without a plan, is just like this. You need to develop a  plan and properly execute a strategy or you will crash and burn into the sea of discontent. Like that one, eh?

4)  “Branding” This is cheap prescription drugs without prescription a simple one. You need to figure out what your focus is. Are you trying to brand an idea? A way of life? A product? A Style? This is your focus. Donald Trump has been branded the king of real estate. What is your brand going to be?

5) “Network” Use this word when you are ready meet up, get together or start your master mind group. Networking  can also be used the same way that you use connect.  “We need to connect/network with him, or I’ve got a great connection with Ed at .

6) “Available” Be available for others. Whether it’s via, the phone, Skype, chat or email make yourself available. Don’t let your relationships attempt to grow via auto responder. Be accessible.

7) “Real” Being real is kind of hard to find these days, especially when we hide behind our laptops and web cams. You need to show your followers that you are open and honest and have nothing to hide.

8) “Honesty” As they say, honesty is the best policy. Don’t do a video to promote a product sitting on the hood of a red Ferrari if you don’t own one and don’t tell your audience that you were once homeless living in a car in a bad neighborhood if you were not. People are smart and can read through you b.s.

9) “Trust” Just like in the offline world, you need to build trust. It doesn’t come easily and especially with all of those scammers out there, you will need to work at it. I was a Realtor in a ritzy, celeb filled part of NY known as The Hampton’s. Building trust with my clients there was very difficult. Just ask A-Rod.

10) “Value” I can solve this in 2 words Vanna. “Over-Deliver.” Give them much more than they are expecting from you or are paying you for. A good example is, when I call Godaddy for an issue with a website or when I want to buy a domain name the automated message says something like, “Do to heavy call volume we are experiencing longer hold times up to 10 minutes.” and then BAAM! They get to me in 2 minutes. I feel awesome and happy that I use them.

So guys, as you can see, these words all have their place in Social Media and in the real world too.

Until Next time, Rock Out with Your Blog Out!

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