She Broke-Up with Me on Facebook for Valentine’s Day.

You can bet your sweet ass that someone, somewhere got dumped on Facebook for Valentine’s Day.
You can see this happening, can’t you? Social media is the biggest mask we can wear if we choose. It’s up to you as to how you wear your mask. What a great way to hide your true self by making up fake personas but then again, it’s the greatest soap box invented where we can voice our opinions to the masses and get the word out, like Bob from Boston who I found tweeting to his list that the coolest website is
Thanks, Bob.
Today, Valentine’s Day is  about going to an overpriced restaurant that will squeeze you in like a sardine, sending a cheesy box of chocolates, a single red rose or a cheap purchase drugs online teddy bear. 
Valentine’s Day used to be about sending your heart to your sweet heart, not some market driven event.
I was originally going somewhere with this post about how social media gets the word out no matter how good or bad it is. You can wish thousands of faceless Tweeters Happy V Day, you can post it on your MySpace account to the masses, you can post it on a forum but how about this.. do it the old fashioned way….calling someone you love and telling them you love them?
Don’t send a virtual card or emotionless email. See them in person..face to face. Leave the social media alone for a day. It will be there when you get back, I promise you.

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