Part 3: Blogging For Beginning & Experienced Internet Marketers

I love blogging. It is a great way to share thoughts, ideas and memories. If you can get your viewers to relate to your way of thinking via images, ideas & stories……you just gained a dedicate audience. Now it’s up to you to keep them around and keep then coming back for more.

Blogging can be a great  internet marketing method to get your name and brand out there. However, your blog posts must be relevant and  lead people wanting more of your posts,thoughts & humor  thereby leading them to click on your link so they can visit your site and then hopefull to purcase you stuff.

Online entrepreneurs, like yourself,  realize the amazing potential and profit that can be made through blogging but it is not enough to just blog. You must know exactly what topics and what content to post on your blog posts so you will get people hooked on you, your blog posts and, eventually, your web site or sales page.  Here are some awesome, if I do say so myself, blogging suggestions which can turn blogging turn into a very lucrative internet marketing tool for your online business or for your website.

1. Post Pictures

 Pictures tell stories and provide more wonderful, accurate descriptions more than words can. Be sure to upload several pictures of the products offered by you or the company you are trying to sell for, but it must be relevant to the blog post.

If you are promoting a stock trading software that will revoluitonize the way we trade stocks don’t post a cute picture of your son……unless he is dressed with slick backed hair and a Wall Street journal, ala Gordon Gekko.

2. Share Real Life Experiences that People Can Relate to

People find stories more appealing than any editorial crap you find in the NY Times. If you are selling a particular product, relate funny stories about some of your customers (do not name names, of course). Be sure to highlight your products in your stories. The story could also be about problems you’ve had. In this case, be sure to highlight your capabilities and expertise as a leader in this area.

Example: You created a cool bandage for kids that make them smile & forget the pain when they see it because it has their favorite cartoon character Cipro on it. Oh wait a minute, forget you read this, it’s a great idea.

There should be something unique with the stories and the words used have to be in narrative form so reader could try and recreate the story in their imaginations.

3. Stay in the Times. Provide Up to Date Information

See if there is any upcoming news or details that might impact your industry. If you are always giving interesting and updated news through your blog posts, then people would be looking forward to your posts. New product lines could be advertised on the blog to introduce the item to the general public. Be sure to give a background on it as well as provide a story on how it was created. People will be interested to know why a new innovation has been added and how it came about. This way you can even become an affiliate for them & make some cash.

By posting updates and new information, you will gain stature and credibility in your industry. When your readers find a need for services or products that you offer, they’re likely to visit your site and obtain this service or product from you. Moreover, if your readers know people who need your type of services or products, they’re likely to recommend your site, too. Your readers may even actually repost your blog posting in their own blogs or in forums where they are members.

4. Relate How the Product Was Used by Another

In some cases, you will have to refer to another online article which you will have to ask for approval before  posting them on the blog. Once the approval is given, a link can be added to show how another individual have found use for the product. Potential clients will be curious how it worked for an existing client.

5.Silly Stories to Go With the Product

Most people are interested in quotes and little stories. Your post can be a funny statement you heard from a customer or a child who used your product or service. It is similar to creating a tag line that could distinguish a product from the others.

These simple pieces of advice will help you get on your way to blogging success.

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