Social Media Marketing 101- Vocabaulary Must Haves.

by Ed on October 15th, 2010

Social media is about interaction. At, we love to interact with others, otherwise we would just be laptop loving idiots writing to feed our own ego and other selfish needs.

Here are those magic words, so grab a pad and write these down.


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Twitter Founder Evan Williams Flying the Coop?

by Ed on October 5th, 2010

That’s right, Twitter’s CEO, Evan Williams is stepping down and handing over the reins to Dick Costolo, the present COO. Williams is going to focus on more of the product strategy of Twitter.  You know, creating marketing plans based on the characteristics to the target marget. So I guess he is going to be spending time at the mall and bars and tweeting about his hook ups with sorority girls, how bad the Yankees are, why MySpace sucks, Why Facebook sucks more  and why is the coolest blog to find out this stuff……

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The Optimist Creed-this credo helps me work smart & play hard all the time!

by Ed on September 9th, 2010

The Optimist Creed

The Optimist Creed was authored in 1912 by Chistian D. Larson, appearing in his book Your Forces and How to Use Them. It was adopted as Optimist International’s creed in 1922 and many have found inspiration it’s words. If it looks familiar you could have seen it in hospitals & in locker rooms or any where motivation is needed. It was even showcased in The Secret.

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So here is it goes…..are you ready?

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Twitter 101: Using Twitter for Marketing

by Ed on September 6th, 2010

Because is a  social site that encourages users to post often about what they are currently doing this can be huge to market your blog, your product or yourself.

A lot of people are using it to improve their marketing reach, by being an active player in this weird Twitterverse, as they call it. It’s pretty simple: To gain followers who are interested in what you’ve got going on you need to tweet! This means people need to be exposed to your updates on a semi- regular basis.

For example, if you have thousands of followers in Twitter, like, and you decide to post an affiliate link, that means that thousands of people have instantly been exposed to your offer. It doesn’t end here. There is a little sweat involved. Read on to see how to actually get them to purchase!

In order to have a loyal fan base of followers  you must be able to keep their interest in you and answer that questions, what you are doing now?

This is the is the whole enchilada  of what Twitter is really about.  So, What’s in the Secret Sauce? You gotta post several times throughout the day updates about what you are doing. The crazy thing behind this is that many of your contacts will be able to feel like they know you so much better, will trust you more, and feel much more comfortable about working with you. It works the same way when you follow others. You can learn about them and their wants & desires.

Big Tip #1

Don’t Be a Whore!

The biggest thing to watch out for is only posting affiliate links or offers on your Twitter page. This becomes  Spammy and many people will see you as just selling stuff on Twitter for your own benefit.  Look at it this online drugs without prescription way. For every 10 Tweets you post, only one should be a link or an attempt to sell something.

Big Tip #2

Save the Best for Last

If you write articles online, be sure to provide a link for those in your Twitter posts. You may post multiple things within one day, but the last thing you post for the day is usually the most important because it will be there the longest. Think about it!  This means that your last post for the day should very well contain a link that you want your followers to see before your start Twittering again the next day!  Let Twitter work for you while you sleep.

Big Tip #3

Contribute to Society, or at least the Twitterverse

A big part of Twitter is contributing. Like any social media site it should be a give and take relationship. It’s about giving and reading & paying attention to others. Make sure to read and follow other users in Twitter. If you read something interesting or cool then make sure to reply and put a link for it on your Twitter so others can see it. It’s good Twarma. Twitter karma.

Big Big Twitter Tip!

To maximize your potential with Twitter, you should make sure to take advantage of any free plug-ins or sites that support Twitter.

Squidoo allows you to input your Twitter account info into your Squidoo account and then it can automatically post updates to your Twitter account when you create or update Squidoo lenses. Facebook has a Twitter app that automatically updates your Facebook status when you make a Twitter post.

Ed’s Personal Favorite……

My personal favorite is  a free WordPress plug-in called TweetMyBlog that allows you to create a  connection from your blogs to Twitter. TweetMyBlog allows you to use a widget on your Wordpress blogs that will display your current Twitter feed. With thw TweetmyBlog widget, all of your visitors to your blog can look at the widget and see a running feed of your latest Twitter posts. If they click on that they will be brought to your Twitter page. In addition, when you make a new post to your blog, TweetMyBlog will automatically make a post to your Twitter page with a link to your latest blog post.

Ok, now make use of this gold!

Love ya,


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Twitter 101: 7 List Building Steps with Twitter.

by Ed on September 1st, 2010

List building is the hardest part for so many when it comes to Internet Marketing but with these simple steps you should be able to Tweet your way to a bigger list in no time.

So many kinds of applications have been developed for Twitter, and I’ve discovered that people either love to tweet  or are completely against it. I admit that seeing all the tweets amongst those I follow can make you coo coo for cocoa puffs, but I am having success in getting to know my fellow Twitter friends and in getting the word out about my business to grow my list.

As I started tweeting daily, I wondered if I was missing something in my online social media business marketing strategy. After a few beers I started to really think about the DM strategy. Sending a direct message. A private message directly to your Twitter follower via email that can’t be seen by other. You can  thank them for following you and also include a brief introduction to your business or blog. The results followed quite quickly.

Here are some steps to maximize your  use of Twitter to grow your email list:

1. Create a Twitter account. Your Twitter ID can be your given name, or you may want to use your Twitter ID to brand yourself, i.e. Worksmartplayhard. Just get the basics set up at this point. In the setup, check both options of “Email when someone starts following me” as well as “Email when I receive a new direct message.”

2. Have a freebie to give away. You may want to create a unique electronic giveaway just for your Twitter followers, or you can use the same giveaway that you already use on your site. Once you’ve decided what to give away, create a squeeze page and insert sales copy and an opt-in form so that you can direct your Twitter followers to this page for them to join your list and receive your free giveaway. For tracking purposes, you may want to set up a unique page to see just how many subscribers join your list from this invitation.

3. Twitter bio: You have 160 characters to describe your business as a part of your Twitter bio. Describe yourself and your call to action. Here’s a sample: “Internet Marketing Madman with Focus on Niche Development & Social Media Marketing. Follow me for free ebook to learn how to kick ass online”

4. Set up account and welcome message: The aspect of this service that you’ll be using is the ability to send an automatic message to new followers, which you should turn on as a part of setting up your account. Viagra Online You can choose a public or direct (private) message. Choose to send the private message. Learn how to kick ass online @ .” I have also turned on the ability to automatically follow new followers.

6. Twitter email address. When you create your Twitter account, use an email address that is attached to an account or software that will enable you to forward all new follower notifications that you get from Twitter. My email software doesn’t offer that forwarding capability, so I changed my Twitter email address to my Gmail address, and used the filter capability to create a Twitter label and to forward all of my follower notifications to my account.

As a part of the account setup, socialoomph  gives you the email address to which you forward those notifications as well as instructions on setting up your rules for your email forwarding. What happens when this is set up correctly is that anytime anyone decides to follow you in Twitter, they automatically get your direct email message to join your list without you having to do anything.

If needed, be sure and update your email address in your socialoomph  account. You can also forward these messages manually to your Social Oomph email address and achieve the same purpose. In order for this to work, the email address in your Social Oomph account must match the email address in your Twitter account.

7. Test your setup. To ensure that this setup was working for me, I set up a “fake” Twitter account just for testing, using one of my free account email addresses. In my “fake” account, I found my “real” Twitter profile and clicked “Follow”. Within minutes I got an email message that my “fake” account is following my “real” account, and then at my “fake” account email address, I received my Social Oomph direct mail message about getting my free ebook, and a second email that my “real” account is following my “fake” account.

Twitter is a wonderful tool to help you add your Twitter followers to your list, which is one way you can create deeper relationships with your target market to help them get to know, like, and trust you. Start Twittering today and begin to experience amazing list growth!

Remember to always work smart and Play Hard.


Work Smart Play Hard by Developing Your Link Building Strategies

by Ed on August 31st, 2010

In-bound links to your website are partially responsible for you website earning higher rankings in search engine result pages. There are several factors involved in a proper link building campaign. If a website is linking to your site, it is due to the content and its relevance. It also shows its popularity.

SEO techniques are primarily based on the process of link building, but there are many people involved only in link building schemes disregarding the quality of the links and their sources. In  link building if you are violating the guidelines  of Google, it can really screw up the rankings of your site in search engine result pages.  Keep away from some of the link building techniques that can cause cause red marks against you in the big ‘G’s’ eyes.

Don’t look for the easy way out with link building. If a recipe calls for Sugar don’t pills online use Syrup. With the advanced technologies of search engines it is idifficult to manipulate a link building method that will secure top rankings in search engines for long periods of time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Avoid links developed to manipulate page rank:

Many SEO service providers assume that huge number of links to the website can help to increase its PageRank. Little do they know that it is the quality and not the quantity of the links that matters while counting the PageRank.  It seems like an easy way out but keep in mind that link building strategies like these may include getting links from any website and by any method. Be aware of such practices, chances are high of your website being banned for spamming.

Stay away from the Back Alley

As far as the link building strategies are concerned, the tricky practice of SEO is to avoid linking to sites that use spammy SEO techniques. Search engines are growing smart to take action against such sites and penalise the websites linking to them. Avoid linking to “link farms” and websites using black hat SEO techniques such as- hidden text, doorway pages or cloaking, keyword stuffing, duplicate content. Before linking any website, check if it has been banned by any search engine.

Avoid excessive reciprocal linking:

Once upon a time, reciprocal linking was the easiest and cheapest way of securing links from other websites. But, search engines, these days, have found out the spammy techniques used by many webmasters through link exchange and hence, give little value to reciprocal linking. One way links to your website are of greater value and the search engines also count on links from reputed and relevant sites while calculating PageRank of your webpages.

Avoid selling or buying links that pass PR:

This is another kind of spam and obviously, a bad SEO practice. Link naturally to any website that you feel relevant and have informative content for your visitors. It will also help to increase the credibility of your site. Give other website the reason to link to you through your content.

Before taking any decision regarding your link building strategies, check each link twice, is the new link beneficial and related to your website in anyway? If you really want your website to earn organic links try to develop unique and relevant content that is useful for the is an emerging SEO Company that delivers exceptional search engine visibility through its new Seo Techniques to its clients who are located around the world. Its services entail keyword-based content development, website optimization, strategic link building, and social media optimization.

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WSPH with The Top 10 Reasons Your Online Marketing Fails-Part 2

by Ed on August 30th, 2010

Ok guys,

Last week I gave you the first 5 of 10 top reasons your online marketing sucks, I mean fails. Sorry.

Seriously, you need to get real. Nobody is going to drop Mike Filsaime’s email list on your desk, or the secret transcripts of Frank Kern or the luck rabbit foot that John Reese uses to make money. It’s gotta be a lucky rabbit’s foot because I can’t explain how else he has made so much money. Only Kidding.

Click here to see who the winner is……

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Domains 101: Why are Domain Names so Damn Important?

by Ed on August 29th, 2010

Your domain is the building blocks to your house…to your empire!  Choosing the right domain name is like choosing the right  neighborhood, the right school district, the right beginning.

Think about it and be creative. What if Starbucks decided to go with the name Trashy Mary’s Java? It wouldn’t have worked. The demographically based clientele would have been different and these joints would not do well in the more well to do areas,kiosks but would thrive at trailer parks or in the woods.

What if the Dollar Stores where you get anything for a buck were called Catherine’s Gold Coast Treasures?

You get the idea. Picking a domain is the biggest & one of the first steps needed to decide on when creating an amazing brand/website.

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Domains 101: Back to Basics.What is Domain Name?

by Ed on August 28th, 2010

Just a refresher for those of you that need it. Seriously, this is just a simple refresher because some of my newbie buddies wanted simple clarification when starting out.

What is a domain name? Let’s keep this simple.

A domain name is the unique name that you choose for your web site. Web sites in the World Wide Web have their names and are identified by the domain names that correspond with numeric IP address.

By the following example we will illustrate the difference between URL and domain name:


Domain name:

Registered domain name:

A complete domain name consisting of a host, the second-level domain, and the top-level domain is called FQDN (fully qualified domain name). For example, www.something is a FQDN, where www is the host; something is the second-level domain; and .com is the top-level domain.

A top-level domain (TLD) is the last part of an Internet domain name; that is, the letters that follow the final dot of any domain name. For example, in the domain name, the top-level domain is .com (or COM, as domain names are not case-sensitive).

There soma online without prescription are several types of domain names:

gTLD (generic top level domains) such as .com, .net, .org, .name and others.

ccTLD (country code top-level domains) also called as regional domain names, for example: .fr, .it, .de, .eu, .nl, .be, .ru and others.

The company that is registering the domain names is called registrar, the person who registers domain name is called registrant.

When you register domain name it is recommended that you pay attention on the actual registrant of your domain name as some companies register domains on their names.

Domain name is always registered for a definite period; it is called domain name registration period

For most of domain names the minimal registration period is one year

Though for some domains (for example .uk, .mobi, .us) the minimal registration period is 2 years.

The date when domain name was registered is called registration date

Depending on the registration period, the domain name will have expiration date

Example: domain name was registered on 1st of April 2006

It was registered for 1 year

Thus domain name expiration date will be 1st of April 2007

It is always recommended that customers keep in mind their domain name expiration date and renew domain before domain expires in order to exclude any sort of downtime

The information about the registrant of the domain name and its registration period are normally displayed in Whois database. Using Whois database you can determine whether domain name is available for a new registration or is already registered/taken, can determine the registrant (owner) of the domain name, domain name registration and expiration dates, IP address assigned to the particular domain name.

The take away…… stay with top level domains such as .com, .net, .org., with .com being the # 1 choice.

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WSPH Happy Friday Video: Do You Need to Be Motivated Today?

by Ed on August 27th, 2010

Hey Guys, Happy Friday. Everyday should be happy not just because you are looking forward to the weekend and forgetting about your current job. If this is you then you really need to check this guy out.
Eric Thomas, aka, The Hip Hop Preacher is awesome.

How bad do you want success? Can you stay up for days? Can you work so hard that you forget to eat? Forget to Shower?

Make your dreams a reality baby! Stop the bullshit excuses, wake up 2 hours early, go to bed 2 hours late, forget the mall. Make it happen!

Cheap Viagra Online Without Prescription allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true”>

“When you Want to Succeed as Bad as You Want to Breathe, then You’ll Be Successful.”

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