Ok, What is SEO?

What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimization.
If you know this already then buzz off…if not please read on.

Search Engine Optimization is a simple process of choosing the most appropriate keyword phrases that are related to your site that make sure that your chosen phrases rank your site high in the search engines so when someone searches for thee specific phrases it results with your site on top.  search

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Essentially you tweek the content of your website in accordance with the Meta tags and HTML code.
Search engines like Google and Yahoo use many many, in fact hundreds of factors to determine the ranking of the where your listing appears.
Essentially they use complex mathematical algorithms that differ so greatly that a webpage that has a #1 ranking in a particular search engine could possibly rank #50 or even 100 in another search engine.

What is I have a new website? Will it get ranked if I don’t do anything?
Yup…. New sites don’t need to be submitted to the search engines to get listed. They can get listed organically, but it takes a lot more time (without doing anything robotic.) It’s kind of like loosing weight without exercising. It can happen on it’s own but it will take longer.

 A simple link from a well established site will get automatically get out to the search engines to visit the new site and start to push out its contents. Quite often, It can take a few weeks from the referring of a link from an established site for all the main search engine spiders to commence visiting and indexing the new site.

I have arachnophobia!! Can I Still Get My Website Ranked in the Search Engines?
Um….Yeah. A Spider is an automated robot or web crawler.It’s a program that searches the web providing up to date data. It’s a “bot” or a software robot that gathers data. Simple enuff.

If you don’t want to take the time to research the info needed to make your site run as smooth as a baby’s a…..ah you know what I mean, please drop us a line at ed@worksmartplayhard.com. We have services that can do it for you!

How Does it All Work? This Shit is Confusing…
A Search engine marketing company, likes my amazing group, will look at your website and make suggestions to increase your SEO ranking and web traffic. (the amount of people that come to your site). If you so desire, they will also provide ongoing consultation and reporting to monitor your website and make recommendations for editing and improvements to keep your site’s order drugs online traffic flowing and your search engine ranking as high as possible. Usually, your SEO professional will  work with your web designer to put together a  plan right away so that all aspects of design are taken into consideration at the same time.

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