No Idea What to Write About. No Problem: Drink Heavily!

We’ve all been there before. You sit at the keyboard with a blank stare thinking:

 “Holy cow, I’ve lost it. I have nothing to write about.”

Yes, I’ve been there and there is a solution. Drink heavily! Yes..drink heavily!


Not Coors Light buddy…water. Crisp clean water.

“Water? That Sucks.Why?
Ah Ha!!! Let me tell you why.

You know that water is good for your health and that we are supposed to drink atleast 48-64 ounces each day.
You may say….”Your supposed to drink water to keep hydrated and it’s just for for your liver and other parts of your body!”

No shit Sherlock…but guess what..a high percentage of our brains are water…as well as some other important things too. A Duh! Some say 70 to 80% of the brain is made up of water. Dehydration causes you to forget more, increases confusion and screws around with your concentration.

As bloggers, writers and internet marketers we naturally spend a significant time infront of a computer, writing and doing many things..besides taking care of ourselves,,,,except when happy hour comes by.

One Martini..Two Martini..Three Martini..FLOOR!

So this being  only makes sense that dehydration can lead to mental confusion, keep us in a daze of writer’s block and ruin th eentire day…… so drink buy generic drugs online up!

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