Maria Andros Comes to NY!

Well Guys, to say that I was excited to meet Maria Andros would be an understatement.

I met Maria Andros and chatted with her about her success, her motivation and what I can do to increase my viewership.

After speaking to Maria for about 10 min I felt as if she was a long time friend that was authentically sincere, concerned & interested in what I had to say.

In a short period of time I had an “Ah-ha” moment. You know what I mean…when you get that flash of motivation or inspiration that hits you like a sledgehammer to the head. I got it…I finally got it.

In my video marketing I love to show people who I am, the real me. I take my camera with me where ever I go because you never know when inspiration will strike. In the supermarket, the park, the car……anywhere and everywhere.

You can use it not only to document your adventures and messages but to act as a reminder. I was driving the other day past a big field that had the coolest looking flowering bush. It made the air smell like heaven and the color was the most vibrant blue that even Van Gogh would have difficulty in trying to  reproduce.  This was the color I wanted for one of my blogs. This color, that could not be described by words, was shown to my web guy and he finally got it.

Maria preaches and teaches to share your message not just to the world but treat your audience as one particualar person. Share your personal story, people want to connect by nature on a personal level.

Your audience can feel your body language and get your message more intimately. Let them in on your life and they will not want to leave. It’s human nature to want to connect and the need to be part of your life.

Share your story but don’t sell it. Once you are in their lives, they are interested in you then you can sell to them.

Be recession proof and leverage technolgy. No matter what your business you can be recession proof, just have the courage to market with video and build a loyal following.

Worried about a saturated marketplace? DON”T!
Think about it…there are other websites that do what you do but it’s the human connection that drives them to drugs store you personally. Your competition is not doing this. you need to give good content and value. Become the expert in your field and cash in on it.

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