Humor + Email= Viral Recipe


Finally, sending stupid jokes in your emails may just pay off….

 A study by Sharpe Partners, an interactive marketing agency, revealed that 89% of adult internet users in the U.S. share content with others via e-mail. 63% share content at least once a week and about 25% pass along e-mails daily. As many as 75% of these people say that they forward content to up to 6 other email users. The most popular content is humerous emails. Jokes, videos or cartoons. We love to share funny stuff.



Cartoons, jokes and funny video clips are among the things that can be added to an e-mail to insure that it will go viral. People will want to pass along something that makes them laugh.

 People are much more likely to forward an email to their friends and relatives if it is entertaining rather than an bold in your face advertisement. 

This is excellent news for those companies who use e-mail techniques to sell their products. The light bulb has just gone off.

It get’s more dullfrom here on.  The second most popular category supposedly is news, which is followed by healthcare/medical information, religious and spiritual material, gaming, business and personal finance information and sports/hobbies. So it is easy to see that humor may just be the best content for your viral e-mail campaign. 

  A few years ago, about 35 million people got an e-mail with a picture taken in Disneyland. It took a moment to see it but there was the famous avian icon,Donald Duck, lying face down in front of the famous Cinderella Castle.  The title it was “Bird Flu has hit Disneyland”. It was a viral e-mail advertising Disneyland and used the edgy strategy of making light of what’s seriou and it worked.

 The bird flu epidemic was very newsworthy at the time and had the potential to attract a huge amount of attention to any brand that might be associated with it.

 The take away: Remember, people are much more likely to share a joke, humerous video or funny picture than anything else so next time try to include humor shop drugs in your e-mail campaign.

You could be laughing all the way to the bank….or atleast to your PayPal account.

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