How does EC Effect Your Internet Marketing?

You’ve seen it online, you’ve heard the ads on the radio & you’ve seen the infomercials. Heck, You’ve even seen it at your door step.

EC: Not Ed Cosgrove, Emotional Content.

One of the most effective ways of advertising your products over the internet & in the “real” world is by using the emotion factor. You see the media is always coming up with funny, clever, tear jerking and very entertaining advertisements, and it’s only natural for you to follow in the same path. Why reinvent the wheel? However, have you ever thought that what works for huge corporations (who have the time, money, and resources) may not work for you? Unless you have the resources and the patience to wait for results, there is simpler more direct path.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sold on emotions every day.

The one legged vet at the supermarket who asks for money. (He only saved our asses from terrorism or communism)

The Homeless guy wearing a tie around his head as a headband and the old brief case to keep his coins. (He could have been your teacher)

The parents, with kids in tow, that sell popcorn so little Jimmy can make to camp this year with the scouts.( I wants kids one day and I want little Eddie to go to camp too.)

Riddle me this:
“What’s the main reason why you chose to get into internet marketing? Is it to show people how cool or clever you are or did you get into internet marketing to sell your product or self and make money?”

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“Won’t You Please Send Me $6.00 to Keep Me Alive? I’m Starving & It’s Cold Here!”

You better be here to make money because that’s what I’m going to help you accomplish! Sure, having funny and entertaining stuff on your website may generate some traffic to your website through word-of-mouth.
However, in order to convert your viewers into paying customers for your product, all you really need is a plain and ‘unimpressive’ website with a sales letter. Now when I say unimpressive, I mean a site without all those unnecessary graphics and animations that make advertisement ‘fun and attractive’.
I’m not saying don’t put any graphics or pictures at all. You should have a few simple graphics on your page to make it somewhat presentable, but don’t make that your main focus.
Instead, focus your time writing emotional content. First, grab their attention with a headline, make your audience interested in your product, and create a desire for your readers so that you make money when they buy and refer business your way!
You see, many advertisers try to grab your attention with gimmicks that doesn’t relate to your product or provide the reader with a benefit. Your website visitors will see PT Barnum type your gimmick and think, “Hey, that’s funny. Cool,” then they will leave your website without even knowing what you are offering. Sucks to be you!
You need emotionally packed images to induce visualization in addition to some awesome copy.
You words can communicate  precisely the message that you want get through to your subscribers & viewers. There is less room for interpretation.

Visually, it’s a lot less appealing, but it is much more effective for promoting your products and services.
When you are developing your internet marketing business, it shouldn’t be because you want the world’s coolest website but because you want to have the most profitable website in the galaxy.
This is your time to shine baby! Impress & finesse your viewers with emotional content. Get into their heads. Give them the emotions that they are going to get if they buy your product.

Get them to think, get them to wonder, get them to dream. Hell, if you can get them to cry you get extra points. Stir up their deepest emotions instead of entertaining them. Your wallet will thank you.

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