Help Haiti Via Twitter and Other Social Media Outlets

Guys, you have had to have heard by now that Haiti was rocked with a devistating earthquake that estimates 300,000 dead and more missing.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate a few bucks to help them.
Go to your Twitter pages, Facebook, MySpace and get the word out!

On your cell phone you can easily do the following to send $10 and have it added to you phone bill.
$10….that’s less than lunch.

TEXT “HAITI” to 90999. Again, $10 will be automatically billed to your cell phone bill.

Please help them. We are all brothers and sisters and now they really need us.
Please don’t think “We need enough help here at home”..or “I don’t even know anyone who is Hatian”..or “I don’t have time!.”

B.S.!! Bull Shit! You have the time, you have $10 and you are WAY more fortunate than they are right now.
Please prescription drugs online without a prescription look deep into your heart and help out.


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