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To have a successful website you need many things. One of those things is traffic. Good targeted traffic. 

You might say, “No kidding Ed, but if I am just starting out or don’t have a huge list how to I get it without going broke?”

Stop Right There!   I didn’t mention that this software helps you get the best kind of traffic.  Free Traffic!




  Say WHAAAAT????

That’s right…FREE TRAFFIC.

A  really cool  friend, Jeff“Herschy” Schwerdt , just released a very  powerful and easy to use viral submission tool that you can use on your VIDEO, ARTICELS & PRESS RELEASES. In addition to this…all of this info can be sent out from your Twitter account and DIGG account also.

Again,  this program costs you Absolutely Nothing!

Trust Hershey, he is a master of lead generation.

So, what can Viral Submitter do for me

Didn’t order medicine online I just tell you? O.K., again…but quickly….

In simple terms Vial Sumbitter enables you to quickly submit your content be it blog posts, videos, articles or press releases to the top online sites like– YouTube and Viddler  for your videos, Ezine Articles for your articles, PR-Log for your press releases, and many more. 

How Do I Get Started?

See that big picture box below….click on it. Once you’ve done that, Viral Submitter will show you the way my child. The way across the mountains of the internet, the valley of cyber space, the twists and turns of the online jungle.

Go for it….it’s FREEEEEEEE! 

Viral Submitter

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