Flipping 101. Part 3. How Do I Find What I am Going to Flip?

What am I going to flip?

I don’t know what to do, where to start or anything about flipping.

I hear it all the time, I do but let me tell you……you can do it!

You can flip domain names, websites, blogs.

If you have an existing domain name, blog or site with a good name then that’s half the battle. If you don’t then well focus on that in the next post.

Let’s make believe that you already have a domain name that you feel is worth money.

A great way to Flip is to contact buyers yourself. Look up your domain name keywords in Google. For ex., if your domain name is “FenwayParkFans.com“, search for “Fenway Park Fans” on Google. Notice the advertisers for this keyword on the right hand side of the search results. Look up their  domain names at Whois.sc (For ex., if you see a website ‘fenwayparkfansonline.com‘ advertising for the search term, look up ‘FenwayParkfansOnline.com‘ at Whois.sc). From that Whois info, write down their email.

This is where it gets good.

Email them saying that you’ve got the domain name “FenwayparkFans.com” which you would like to sell. Tell them how acquiring the domain name could possibly increase their branding and quite possibly their revenue potential. People love to hear that you can make them money.

Rinse and Repeat. Repeat this with all advertisers and different variations of the search term. For example try  “FenwayParkFansOnline.com” instead of just “FenwayParkFans.com” in Google.

Eventually you could find a few interested site owners ready to listen to you. Nest, quote them a price , say a 100-500% increase in markup is a pretty good range, depending on how much you acquired the name for. If they agree to it  ask to be paid via Escrow.com, since this will protect you from hucksters, liars or fraud. All you need to do now is wait for payment, and enjoy your first domain name flip! Ca Ching!

A good place is to park your domains is at an aftermarket site like Sedo.

Parking at Sedo is a win win really, since the advertising revenue you could possibly get (if your domain gets traffic) can be pretty substantial, and any interested buyer will benefit from the professionalism and the legitimacy of a large aftermarket site like Sedo.
Now flip off and get busy.

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