Flipping 101. Make Money Flipping Websites, Blogs and Domain Names!

Are You Ready to Flip?

No, not pancakes wise ass, domain names, websites and blogs.

Look, flipping a website, blog or domain name can bring you a boat load of money and is a heck of a lot easier than flipping real estate.

What is Flipping in the Nutshell?

Well, you most likely have seen or heard about house flipping. It’s  the process of buying a house that is usually kind of a dump, needs some repairs then fixing it up and selling it for a profit. Domain Flipping is the simply process of buying a website, blog or domain, fixing it up and selling it for a profit as well.

What You Don’t Need to Succeed Flipping Websites, Blogs and Domain Names

-You don’t have to drive around all day looking for homes or land to sell.

-You don’t have to make tons of phone calls.

- You don’t need to be licensed by the state to do this.

-You don’t need a large investment to make this successful.

-You don’t need to stress about the housing market.

-You don’t need to meet with contractors at 6:30 am, 60 miles away from your home.

- Heck , you don’t even have to leave your house to do this!

What You DO Need to Be Successful at Flipping Websites, Blogs and Domain Names

-You need to pay a whopping $8 bucks or so for a domain name…whoop de doo.

-You need to think outside the box sometimes.

-You need to think of “The Obvious” occasionally. Think if current trends, movements, big things going on in the world and look for your “A-HA” moment.

-You need to not give up.

-You need to understand that making a profit from this could happen in a year or even a day.

-You need to learn the fundamental and principles about flipping.

How to Choose a Good Domain.

There are a few factors you need to consider when investing or researching the domain name.


How Memorable it is

It’s Length

Is it a dot com, net, org, etc?

Page Rank

If It’s a Current Site

All of the above plus,

What’s it’s content?

Current Traffic?

Current Revenue?

Where is the traffic coming from?

Page Rank?

Is it easily pronounceable?

I will show you how to do this and how to do it painlessly. Trust me……I’m a doctor. A doctor of flipology.

A premium location of a house can bring more money than a house in a crappy local, just like your domain. If you have a great domain name, you are most likely going to profit more than a horrible one.

Let this all soak in a bit and stay tuned for the posting on part 2 of this money making load of value.

It’s almost time to get your feet wet!

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