Ed’s Big 3 Tips to Kick Up Your Internet Marketing.

Simple my ass……

Internet marketing is not simple. People that are Internet savvy tend to believe that websites need to have a lot of keyword rich content but this is not necessarily the case. Your copy needs to have buy drugs online a flow, provide useful information, and be readable. It should not have a bunch of keywords slapped in all over the place. Elvis is dead and content is KING!

Writing a boat load of articles to help sell our products or services is not something that many of us have time to do. And if we do have the time, some of us just  don’t  have what it takes to write quality articles.

“Why try to reinvent the wheel?” Don’t,  utilize these 4 simple tips to kick up your Internet marketing in a matter of hours.

1. Popular and Humerous Quotes.

Create a web page dedicated to famous and funny quotes. People often overlook this simple method of drawing traffic to their site.  You can begin by typing famous quotes into a search engine like Google. This will lead you to websites that host famous and humerous quotes. Finding the perfect quotes takes some effort so be sure to make some time to finding them. Just copy and paste them to your website, just  be sure there is a link to your website somewhere on the page.

2.    Internet Articles.

If you are doing it the quick way, you can basically copy text, rewrite it, and then sell the material. Granted, you can invest  money into a copyright website but it is often too costly for most small businesses. You will generally find it pretty easy to research the material, then reword it, rather than start from scratch.

Super Rule! Never steal online matrial. It’s unethical and illegal but there is nothing wrong with using material as a resource. Just make sure you give credit to the author.

The popularity of the Internet is in no small part due to the fact that it is a great resource for locating information. Surfers are constantly browsing topics on self-improvement, home decor, and a number of products and services. Every link they use gets them that much closer to finding the information they seek. Your site would gain more traffic than you would think simply by adding in a directory page. For more information logon to w

3.    Cheap or Free Content.

Save time by using other people’s work. Don’t  spend all of your time slaving away writing articles like I do, because I have insomnia & I am a work-a-holic when there are literally thousands of starving writers begging for you to use their articles. You can use online directories to find these or place a free ad on Craigslist. Offer them experience and their name in an awesome blog, especially if it’s www.worksmartplayhard.com.

All in all, you will could have a great site with fewer problems if you folow these steps.Your website’s content is critical to it’s  success. Look for quality when looking for writers or articles. Why should you worry about writing it yourself with so many ways to obtain content almost immediately? Open your eyes, these articles & writers are just around the corner.

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