Ed’s Awesome 8 Ways to Kick Ass with Domain Names.

Guys, you know that there is a lot of competition out there but your not a puss, are you? I can’t hear you!!! I can’t hear you!!! Ok, that’s bettter. 

The competition in the domain industry is steadily increasing as more people are becoming aware of the potential domians have in every aspect of finance.  Both investors and huge corporations are staking their claim in this gold rush of internet real estate.

If you want to be someone……a contender, then you need to kick up your skills.  So without further adieu, below are your super tips on making money with domains.

Get Involved with the forums
The importance of  forums in this  industry is huge & also serves as a great resource for beginners and professionals alike. Whether you are looking for some appraisal opinions or asking questions, the domain forums are where you need to lurk. Join a domain forum or an Internet Marketing forum like www.thewarriorforum.com.

Clean House. Clean your Domain Portfolio
 Trim the fat with your domains and by selling them and use the profit for investing in quality names that are going to give you immediate revenue or potential. It’s not about the amount of domians you have it’s about the quality of the domain. Seriously, do you really need those names with the hyphens, mispelled and just , “what was I thinking” domains?

Look Out  for Legal Issues.

“What could I have done already, I just started?”

Trademark Infringements!
This is easy.  If caught, most of the trademark claims filed at the WIPO result in the domain being transferred to the proper party, and that’s one party you are not invited to.

Don’t Lose it!
2 words:Auto Renewal.Your portfolio is now ready to rock and has only premium select domain names, you  don’t want to let any of them drop and take a chance of someone else buying valuable domain name. Set your domains for auto-renew at your domain register so you don’t have to worry. A friend of mine lost his domain name after 6 years. He was bumed, pissed & was shocked to see how much the new guy wanted for him to buy it back. 

Stay in the Know
You really need to treat his like a business because it is a business. Keep up with industy trends. The domain industry is always changing and therefore it is beneficial to know exactly what is the next trend being created within the industry. If you buy domain names, you are an investor. You need to stay current with the news of your investments and other people’s investments. You can do this by monitoring the recent domain sales and news offered by many websites that are specifically geared towards todays domainers. A favorite website  is Ron Jackson’s DNJournal. You can find great articles, news and the popular Year To Date domain sales. You need to know what domains are selling, which domains are being bought and how much they are being bought for. You’l be shocked, amazed & pumped with great ideas.

Don’t Park & Run.

Cash in on your parked pages.
When you buy a domain name, it is up to you whether your domain will contain a website or whether you will park your domain and allow targeted purchase antibiotics online content to automatically be placed and monetized per visitor. If you choose to park your domains, it’s important  that you understand how domain parking works and how it can be optimized to bring better results. Sedo is a great place for domain parking and allows users to see detailed stats and account information for each domain parked on the Sedo network.

Who Dat? Update your WHOIS information

The WHOIS database is sort really a directory of purchased domain names that contains the owner’s contact information, purchase date and expiration of a certain domain. One use of this information is being able to contact a domain owner and inquire about purchasing the domain. Without the correct information in the WHOis database, a potential buyer may not be able to contact the current owner and allow an offer to be placed. Contact your domain registrars and make sure your WHOis information is current and correct. If you opt not to be contacted by potential buyers, you may consider using a service that purchases domains for it’s clients and keeps their information private. If you want to see your domains make sure you have real contact info on it.

Contact end users
So you have a great domain name that is considered gold in a certain industry. Great job. Now, if you have decided not to develop it and simply want to profit from a sale, I highly suggest contacting an end user. What’s and end user? An end user is someone who would use the domain name specifically for creating brand recognition in a certain industry. Here’s an example: Adam owns organicdogfood.com and Bob owns an organic dog food company in Texas but uses the domain BobsSuperGoodOrganicDogFood.com. Adam contacts Bob and offers a shorter, brandable and easier to remember domain name that can increase Bob’s exposure on the internet for people searching for organic dogfood. Adam has just contacted a possible end user. A domain name can usually be sold to an end user for more since it is valued more by the actual user of the domain instead of a regular domain buyer.

I hope you find these tips useful as they have brought me success and it’s good karma to pass on the goodness to you!

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