Domains 101: Searching for the Kick Ass Domain Names.

This simple reminder is just that, a simple reminder.

Let’s not read into it too much.¬† Choosing a domain name is not that hard, especially if you know what you are looking for basically.

Creating a website is not just about creating your pages, designing them and including all the important information. It is also about creating a domain name

The domain name Cheap Cialis should……hell, if you want business, the domain name MUST,

(1) Relate to your products and services

(2) Be Easy to Remember.

A domain name that is easy to remember will have more return customers and more word of mouth advertising than domain names which are hard to remember or difficult to spell.

How Do I do it and Where do I Start?

When it comes to searching for a domain name, all you have to do is go online and search for ones that you are interested in to see if they have been taken or not. There are a lot of sites that will let you search domain names.

The first thing to do is make a list of domains you would like to register. Try to write down several variations of that name and don’t register the first one you can think of as you need up to 20 versions of it.

Stick with a .com, the .net.¬† Don’t opt for .mobi, .biz, or any other suffix especially if that the exact domain name you want is already taken as a com. Most likely. you will end up losing business to that site.

Go to and submit the list of domains to search for the available ones.

Yeah, success. Register them and don’t wait until them get someone else get’s them.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up:

Try not to set your mind on just one particular domain name. Chances are it may be taken already. You wouldn’t go to the most trendy restaurant in NYC on a Saturday evening expecting to get a table at exactly 6pm, so don’t assume the same that availability is available here as well.

Author is a successful domain trader, a pro in Domain Name game.

Patience:. Don’t give up if your first name is not available. You may need to wait a little to find that special domain name. Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

Now go out there, be creative, start thinking  and get that killer domain name.

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