Are You Stuck in a Groundhog Day Loop?

Today is Groundhog Day and because Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck did not see their shadows means that we are are supposed to be heading into Spring sooner than later.  This is good news but you could be living in the same vicious circle that Phil Connor, played by Bill Murray, was living in during the movie, Groundhog Day.

The Groundhog Effect or Syndrome, as I like to call it, is an issue that you may be reliving day after day.

It’s the daily grind that you go through. It’s those endless, repetitive tasks doing those mind-numbing activities that are keeping you in this success quicksand.

Some people can learn from it, like Phil Connor eventually did, but most don’t……but why?

By human nature…...

* People don’t like to step out of their comfort zones.

* People don’t like to take risks and chances.

*People are afraid to succeed, as stupid as it sounds it’s true.

And the biggest reason……( Drum Roll Please)

People are Lazy!

It’s true. People are lazy, and you may be lazy too. Quite often people want an easy way out where you don’t have to exert any effort or a drip of sweat or one sleepless night to become a success online. Well here’s a newsflash……there isn’t a magic fountain that you can bathe in to get money and there is not a genie’s lamp for you to rub to make your wishes come true. There is only focus and hard work and if don correctly, it will pay off.

Back to the movie…...

Phil was reliving the same day over and over and eventually didn’t stress it anymore. He knew that it was going to be the same day and knew exactly what to expect. Sometimes he took chances but he only did that as he knew what the out come was going to be.

You don’t know what the outcome is going to be so perhaps that is why you don’t take chances.

We learn things but do we ever really alter them to make significant changes. We need to take action.

* Think outside the box, or the hole.

* Test your Cialis Online pills skills and knowledge.

*  Implement what you have learned.

* Don’t be afraid to come out of your personal groundhog hole, push the limits and make it happen!


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