The Best Product of 2010!

Could it be that Mike Filsaime’s & Chris Farell’s is the best new Internet Marketing program of 2010?  It has a greta feel about it & if it comes from Mike Filsaime & his crew, ya know it has to be good.

I am going to keep this simple.

AffiliateDotCom Rocks. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it based on the 3500+ comments.


The most anticipated course of the year is now live but only for a VERY limited time. They  have so little room compared to the demand that they fear a sell out from the early bird list alone.

So make sure you get over there now:

 Just click on this sweet roll of bills to see, in my opinion, the best video of 2010!

If you get this after 1PM then just click the link and hope it does not say “Sold Out!”

So click the link now and see if you have a chance to get in or if it is gone.

(Sorry if you got this late…)

Look, I could tell you what this includes in this message but the video does such a good job on the
very long video (We are giving so much) that I want to get you there ASAP

Check Out the Awesome Video right now!

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But here are some bullets:

- 6 Months of leadership
- 8 Weeks coaching program
- Free Software
- Newbie focuses section with 148
videos on everything you need to
know if the Course is too advance.
(You can’t lose)
- AffiliateDotCom Live Event in Las Vegas
(First Come, First Serve)
- 8 Featured Experts to learn from other
than Chris, Mike and his team. Guys like
Jeff Johnson, Ryan Deiss, Jeremy Schoemaker
and more…

Plus a few other cool surprises too.
(Too much to list, so just see for yourself)

But hurry and good luck!


Ed Cosgrove

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