Who’s Behind the Curtain?

My name is Ed Cosgrove and I’m a web entrepreneur, blogger,website and domain flipper, teacher, profit site designer, visionary and cool dude. I attribute my successes on the internet to hard work, not looking for the easy way out, being creative and ALWAYS thinking outside the box.  I make a comfortable living from the web through a number of websites that I have designed and optimized as well as surrounding myself with like minded, positive, NICE people. If you hang out with dicks….you will be seen as one and most likely are one. Not saying that you are but hey…you need to make that call. ?

I am new to the “public scene” but have been involved in many very successful products, popular launches and behind the scenes of many, many highly successful blogs and websites.

I have been asked by those who I currently mentor to enter the world where others can learn and take advantage of what I offer on a larger scale. Internet Marketing with a conscience.  

My no means do I want this to sound arrogant because that it the last thing that I am. I am a no B.S. kind of guy that loves internet marketing and tries to do things a little differently than many others who are in it for the quick buck.

What’s It All About Alfie?

WorkSmartPlayHard.com takes you through my daily duties ( “Hee Hee..he said duties”) as a webpreneur ( web entrepreneur).

Hitch a ride with me and check see what it’s all about at www.WorkSmartPlayHard.com as we discuss  various topics that range from site design, blogging tips, mastermind concepts, affiliate marketing, program recommendations and  reviews, “guru” reviews and an occasional contest.

I want to be your go to source for everything web related. I have the connections and the resources you need. 
Link building? NO PROBLEM.
Viral Marketing? NO PROBLEM.
Affiliate Marketing? NO PROBLEM.
Finish a Sudoku Puzzle? PROBLEM. 

Need Advice? Mentoring? A Great Webhost? A Creative Website Designer?
It’s All Here Baby! 

Thanks and I wish You Peace, Happiness and a Full Email Box…(Orders Only)

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