33 Reasons Not to Give Up.

“This is too hard”

“I don’t have time for this!”

“Not Everyone Can Do this IM Stuff.”

I can’t begin to tell you how many excuses I hear from people as to why they will not make $ online. Seriously, it’s crazy. The funny thing is that more people get angry when I prove to them that it is possible and that they are just full of excuses and afraid to dedicate themselves to something, afraid of success or just take the first step.

I don’t believe in giving up and I don’t want to hear about excuses.

Continue reading this post, as the people you are about to meet had no choice but to persevere, to be strong and to make it happen!

My most recent conversation regarding someone giving up came from a teacher who claimed that she didn’t time to do a program or the patience. I personally know her and I know about her life.

Say What? A teacher without patience or time. Let me tell you something sister. You work about 180 days a year, have off weekends, every holiday known to man and you get paid after you retire. This is peace of mind and ya know what……YOU HAVE THE TIME!

The problem is people don’t want to work for success. They  they need to go to the beach, wake up at noon on weekends, excuses, excuses, excuses. Look deep within yourself and recognize your excuses for just that, and deal with them. Stop bullshitting yourself!

You think you had it hard? Let’s re-evaluate the excuses now.

69 days under ground, 2,000 feet deep.
700,000 tons of rock collapsed Aug. 5 the following prescription drugs without a prescription men had no choice but to fight for what they wanted. Life! The most amazing gift of all.

1. Florencio Avalos Silva, 31, video operator for the underground miner communications. First miner rescued.
2. Mario Sepulveda Espinace, 39, the ‘journalist’ commentator who moderated the video broadcasts.
3. Juan Illanes Palma, 52, served in Chilean army.
4. Carlos Mamani Solis, 23, of Bolivia, the only non-Chilean trapped.
5. Renan Avalos Silva, 29, brother of Florencio Avalos.
6. Mario Gomez Heredia, 63, the oldest of the group who sent the first report to the surface that they were alive.
7. Jimmy Sanchez Lagues, 19, the youngest.
8. Ariel Ticona Yanez, 29, became a father during the ordeal. His daughter was named Esperanza, for Hope.
9. Edison Pena Villarroel, 34, ran 10 kilometres every day in the underground mine shafts.
10. Víctor Zamora Bugueno, 33, wrote poetry underground.
11. Raul Bustos Ibanez, 40, survived the Chilean earthquake earlier this year, which destroyed his job as a mechanic. Found new job at mine, where he thought he would find more peace.
12. Claudio Yanez Lagos, 34, promised he will marry his partner of 25 years and mother of his children when he emerges. The pair have grandchildren.
13. Víctor Segovia Rojas, 48, kept a journal in the underground.
14. Jorge Galleguillos Orellana, 56, suffers high blood pressure and is one of the complicated medical cases.
15. Jose Henriquez Gonzalez, 54. The number 33 is his fate: married for 33 years, working at the mine for 33 years, and one of the 33 trapped men.
16. Samuel Avalos Acuna, 43, had been a street seller of wares and had hoped for a better life in the mine.
17. Claudio Acuna Cortes, 34, football fan who plans to greet his wife wearing his team’s shirt.
18. Franklin Lobos Ramirez, 53, avid football player who received greetings from Spain’s David Villa.
19. Osman Araya Araya, 30, experienced a nervous collapse underground.
20. Yonni Barrios Rojas, 50, played nurse to his comrades in the mine.
21. Alex Vega Salazar, 31 , his father is an emergency doctor and changed his name in order to help in the rescue. Family members were not supposed to be part of the rescue team.
22. Richard Villarroel Godoy, 27
23. Daniel Herrera Campos, 27
24. José Ojeda Vidal, 46
25. Luis Urzúa Iribarren, 54
26. Carlos Barrios Contreras, 27
27. Omar Reygada Rojas, 56
28. Juan Carlos Aguilar Gaete, 49
29. Carlos Bugueño Alfaro, 27
30. Pedro Cortés Contreras, 25
31. Pablo Rojas Villacorta, 45
32. Darío Segovia Rojo, 48
33. Esteban Rojas Carrizo, 44

Giving Props:

Americasnewsnow.com gets props for the info on these amazing survivors.

Image: graur razvan ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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