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“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”  Napoleon Hill

Now listen up. This ain’t no hippy, tree huggin, pot smokin, salad tossin’, coo coo crap. This is an amazing video from a long time ago from a great man that you NEED TO LISTEN TO.


Napoleon Hill was a scholar who lived life beyoned what he saw in text books. Being recognized as the father of modern self-help and after seeing this video and reading about him you will soon see why.
Here is the simple Cliff’s Notes Version. In 1883, Napoleon Hill was born poor in Virginia, and began his writing career as a reporter for a small local newspaper at the age of only. He attended law school but had to drop out because of financial matters.
In 1908, he interviewed Andrew Carnegie, the richest industrialist in the world. Talk about a success story. He was born a poor cheap drugs online Scottish immigrant and died being a giant in steel manufacturing….The Donald Trump, The Gordon Gekko, The Warren Buffett of his day. Carnegie commissioned Napoleon Hill to interview more than 500 of the most successful men and women of this modern time so that he could hopefully discover & publish a blueprint for success that could replicate by the average Joe.

Hill continues his detailed research for more than 20 years and then in 1928 they published The Law of Success. The formula for successful living was now a manual of over 1,000 pages.
Almost 10 years later, Napoleon Hill condensed this book into his most famous work, Think and Grow Rich. Having sold over 30 million copies, Hill outlines the most important 13 Principles that are important to putting together his formula.
I don’t want to give it all away but reading this you’ll be captivated by the importance that is found by overcoming your fears, concentrating your desire and perfecting your visualization skills.
One of the most important principles is to strt or become part of a Mastermind Group. This is a small group of people dedicated to similar goals. When you work with like minded people you can accomplish so much more than by trying to do it alone.
Here Are His 13 Principles of Success:
1. DESIRE. Hill believed that a burning desire is the starting point for all achievement. Do you have a burning desire? Have you ever had one? It seems that those who are most successful in life live their lives as a series (or a cycle) of desires, passions, and accomplishments.

2. FAITH. In this context faith is about visualizing and believing that you will attain your desire.

3. AUTO SUGGESTION. Today, we call the concept of auto suggestion affirmation. This is the practice of repeating positive thoughts in order to influence your subconscious mind. An affirmation should be in the present, even if you don’t have it yet. So, if your goal is to create a multi-million dollar business, your affirmation would be “I am building a multi-million dollar business.” As your plan becomes clearer you would say “I own a multi-million dollar business.”

4. SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE. Those who pursue knowledge and professional competence are more confident, more competent, and more likely to succeed. What do you do to make yourself professionally competent? How do you continue your professional education?

5. IMAGINATION. As you go about your day think about ways in which things can be done better.

6. ORGANIZED PLANNING. Every goal needs a plan. When you have a plan in place you know what to do next. You’ve heard the cliché – If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.

7. DECISION. Hill found that successful people are able to reach decisions promptly and change their decisions slowly. What makes a decision good or bad is not necessarily the outcome. Instead, the process that was used to reach the decision is the key. Hill saw the decision making process as a way to master procrastination.

8. PERSISTENCE. Simply stick with it. Don’t quit!! And, don’t take no for an answer. Instead find a way around your obstacles – which takes us back to imagination.

9. MASTERMIND. According to Hill, a Mastermind team is a small group of people who come together with a dedication to a shared goal. Masterminding is engaging in focused conversation and brainstorming with others on a common path. Typically, the issue at hand is business related but the mastermind process could be used around almost any dilemma, project, or experience. Masterminding works because five heads are better then one. And, the sharing of information and ideas allows us to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience.

10. THE MYSTERY OF SEX TRANSMUTATION. This is the ability to switch the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature. Additionally, Hill found that almost every successful person had a supportive person (a love interest) to count on.

11. THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. Hill talked about using your mind to visualize your future as you want it to be. And, he talked about following your hunches – the messages that you get from your subconscious mind.

12. THE BRAIN. How much of your brain’s full potential do you use? Maximizing your brain power means thinking through your problems instead of emotionally reacting.

13. THE SIXTH SENSE. According to Hill, when you have mastered the first 12 principles you can go through the door to the Temple of Wisdom and tap into your sixth sense – infinite intelligence.

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Included in this list of 500 people interviewed were the likes of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Charles M. Schwab, Theodore Roosevelt, William Wrigley Jr, George Eastman, Woodrow Wilson, William H. Taft, John D. Rockefeller, F. W. Woolworth and many others.

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